Meet the production team that has been working diligently to make the International Peace Honors
into an inspiring and changemaking program:


MariaEsmeralda Paguaga,
Executive Producer 

Pepe Carmona,
Creative Director 

MariaEsmeralda Paguaga, Producer 

Tuna is Fresh, Producer

Elias Mule
Art Director 

Alex Hadad
Head Writer 

Mike Macklean – Video Animations

Guillermo Romero – Head Video Editor
Robert Bard, Video Editor
Omid Zaki, Video Editor

Sara Crosby, Production Coordinator
Robert Bard , Production Coordinator

Samantha Dols,
Script Editor

MariaEsmeralda Paguaga, Talent Relations
Pedro Michelena, Talent Relations 

 Guillermo Romero

DreamTeam Agency,
Press & Publicity

Janice Torres,
Strategic Partnerships 

Social Media Marketing 

 Judith Perez
Communications coordinator